Brun Pomeranian

Tilbake til Pomeranian farger

The color brown includes all shades from the darkest chocolate to the lighter beaver. The chocolate is a rich dark candy color that is self-colored throughout. Brown is more milk chocolate, occasionally appearing with lighter shadings. Some reddening, or «sun burning» of the coat may appear in dogs which spend time outdoors. The points (eye rims, nose, lips and pads) are brown.  If the coat contains any other color, the dog is more properly referred to as a brown & tan, parti-color, or bi-color.

Beaver is a dilute form of brown with shades ranging from a cream-beige to an orange-brown. In previous standards it was referred to as biscuit. One distinguishing feature is self-colored beige/brown pigment on nose, lips, eye rims, and foot pads.

A dog which has any black in its coat or points is not a brown or beaver.

Én kommentar til “Brun Pomeranian

    sara said:
    februar 25, 2012, kl. 2:43 am

    Is there a kennel in Norway, who selling brown pomeranian? 🙂

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